Draft Event Dashboard

Before you have published your event your dashboard will provide basic descriptive information regarding your event. This information includes the name of your event as well as the date the event has been scheduled for.

Information Section


The top section of the dashboard displays basic information about your event, such as the events name, the dates that the event is scheduled for, and the location of the event. This information can all be changed by clicking on Event Setup, and then Event Overview. 

Event Progress


This section provides information on the progress of your event creation. Here you can see at a glance what types of information you have or have not entered for your event website. All sections except for "Event Basics" are optional, but the more information you enter, the better chance of getting more attendees. 

This section also allows you to publish your event right from the dashboard. 


Quick Numbers


The quick numbers section of the dashboard will provide you a quick view of how much of each type of information your event already has filled in. You can see how many days left until your event takes place, how many speakers, sponsors, venues, and agenda items you have already filled in for your event. 

You can always add more of these by clicking on "Event Setup" and then selecting the section type that you want to add more information to. 

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