Update 01/25/2017


Update notes for release published on 01/25/2017


New Feature

  • Event Organizers can now utilize PayPal as a payment processor. 

Minor Enhancements 

  • When only one ticket type exists for an event the ticketing section will default to having a single ticket of that type selected

Bug fixes

  • "Venue photo gallery" caption link is appearing when there are no pictures for the gallery
  • Address format on event sites is displaying incorrectly
  • "Venue Name" is not displaying that it is a required field
  • There is no validation message appearing when an organizer saves a ticket or registration field
  • An incorrect error message appears when an organizer tries to refund a ticket that already was refunded 
  • When trying to upload multiple oversize pictures an error message only appears for the first attempt
  • Incorrect spacing for the ticketing section in the website builder
  • Subdomains are not being validated properly
  • Direct event site links are not being updated when the event subdomain is changed
  • 'Delete" icon overlaps "Event Agenda" session title - Agenda.
  • Double lines are appearing on the bottom of the "My Events" list.
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