Update 02/14/2017

Update notes for release published on 02/14/2017


New Feature

  • The ticketing UI will now track current and potential revenue when possible. The UI will also track potential attendees vs actual attendee registrations.

Minor Enhancements

  • Updated the "Ticket" UI to be more user-friendly and provide more useful information.

Bug Fixes

  • An incorrect error message is appearing when attempting to publish some events
  • Some attendees are displaying error messages when organizers attempt to edit their registration details
  • The background color for an event is displaying as the background of the entire page when previewing on mobile and tablet devices
  • Incorrect error message is being displayed when attempting to re-order pages in the website builder
  • Extra horizontal space appears between "Delete this page" navigation bar and "Rearrange Section"/"Insert 
  • Link to Dashboard is not opening in the same page
  • There is no information to display if a ticket is unavailable at this time
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