Update 04/06/2017

Update notes for release published on 04/06/2017


New Feature

  • Ability to create a stand-alone registration page without creating an "Event Website"
  • Ability to change the order of registration fields
  • Added "Auto" filtering to Revenue and Visitor graphs. They will now have a default start date of the first date of activity for the graph

Minor Enhancements

  • "Legacy Events" have been converted into *new* Stand-Alone Registration pages
  • Left navigation when editing an event should start with all nav items expanded
  • Event Websites with only one page will no longer show the navigation bar
  • EventNut header has been removed from the Registration page and Confirmation pages of events
  • Several navigation items have been moved and or renamed for easier access

Bug Fixes

  • Speaker images are not being centered correctly in the speaker section on event sites
  • There is no messaging showing that no tickets are available when previewing the registration page
  • Ticket total price may appear incorrect when utilizing both a coupon code and the "Pass fee to attendee" options
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