How do I get paid for my tickets?

If you are selling tickets online with EventNut, you must sign up for or have an existing Stripe or PayPal account. Stripe and PayPal are the services we use to process credit card payments for attendees. Your personal Stripe or PayPal account, which you will connect to your EventNut account, will be associated with your bank account so that you can receive deposits for tickets sold (as well as reimbursed ticketing service fees, if you choose to pass fees onto your attendees).

Once you sign up for a Stripe or PayPal account and connect it to your EventNut account and begin selling tickets. The gateway you chose will make deposits to your designated bank account for your ticket revenue. The first transfer from Stripe takes 7 days. Subsequent transfers to US accounts generally take 2 business days, but may take longer in other countries.

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