Do I need a Stripe account?

As of January 25th, 2017 you no longer need a Stripe account to use EventNut. If you are selling tickets online with EventNut, you must sign up for or have an existing Stripe or PayPal account. Stripe and PayPal are the services that we use to process credit card payments for attendees. Your personal Stripe and or PayPal account, which you will connect to your EventNut account, will be associated with your bank account so that you can receive deposits for tickets sold (as well as reimbursed ticketing service fees, if you choose to pass fees onto your attendees).

Before you can add paid tickets (any ticket that costs more than $0) to your event site, you must connect a valid credit card and either a Stripe or PayPal account to your EventNut account. This is so that we can charge ticketing service fees to your credit card and so that Stripe or PayPal can process payments from your attendees and deposit those payments into your bank account. See our post 'How do I connect payment options to my account' for more information on how to connect your credit card and payment gateway accounts.

We will be adding support for more payment processors in the future, so please stay tuned for announcements.


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