How do I connect payment methods to my account?

In order to create an event with paid tickets, you will need to connect both a valid credit card and your own Stripe account to your EventNut account.

The credit card will be used to charge you for EventNut ticketing service fees ($1 +1% of the ticket price). The Stripe account will be used to process credit card payments by your attendees for tickets and ticketing fees (if you choose to pass fees onto your attendees). If you choose to pass ticketing fees onto your attendees, those fees will be charges to your credit card initially, but you will then be reimbursed through your Stripe account when your attendees' payments are processed.

You can connect a credit card and Stripe account to your EventNut account two ways:

1. Click your username in the top right corner of the application and choose the option for Settings from the dropdown menu. Then click the options to 'Enter card details' and 'Connect with Stripe'.


2. If you attempt to publish an event with paid tickets prior to connecting your card and/or Stripe account, you will be prompted to do so from the event editor. You will not be able to publish an event with paid tickets until this is complete.


**Important note: If you disconnect your credit card and/or Stripe account from your EventNut account, all of your Published events will be disabled. This is because, without a credit card and Stripe account, we wont be able to charge you for ticketing fees and you won't be able to accept payments from attendees.

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