Can I create custom styles?

EventNut gives you several different options to brand your event site and make it your own, including adding a cover image and descriptive text and creating your own color schemes. We plan to add additional theme and color options, as well as the option to add custom css in the near future. In the meantime:

Cover images can be added by clicking on the "Edit Image" button in the website builder. You can upload your image directly, or reference your image from another website using its URL. Once added to your event you can then add effects like zooming, blurring and adding a color tint by clicking the Adjust Image link and using the controls highlighted below:


You can choose from available color pallets, or customize your own by clicking on the "Colors" menu option. 


These options, along with the ability to add a wide range of different sections, customize your tickets and registration fields, will give you the freedom to create a beautiful and unique event website that fits your organization's branding.

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