Advanced Google Analytics Tracking

What's Advanced Tracking?

Following the instructions in our Google Analytics Tracking Guide will add tracking code to your EventNut event site and allow you to basic stats in Google Analytics like page views, demographics, referring sites, etc.

However, GA also allows you to track goals so you can see how well your site is performing. In the case of your event site, an obvious goal would be a completed event registration or ticket purchase.

You can also set up funnels, which tracks the steps someone might take to complete a goal. An example might be choosing a ticket -> entering their contact information -> entering their credit card information and clicking Buy. Funnels allow you to visualize where in the funnel process your visitors are "dropping off" so you can make improvements.

This Advanced Guide will walk you how to set up a goal of completing a ticket purchase and also how to set up a funnel for the purchase process on EventNut. You're welcome to adapt the steps to set up additional goals and funnels.

*Note that this guide assumes that you've already followed our Google Analytics Tracking Guide to set up your event in Google Analytics.


Setting up a Conversion Goal

1. Click Admin from the main Google Analytics menu. Choose the appropriate Account and Property for your event from the drop-down menus. Click the Goals option under the View header.


2. Click New Goal


3. Under Goal Description, give your goal a name and choose Destination as the Type.


4. Under Goal Details, add a Destination URL. Click Save.

**If you are creating a Goal to track a successful registration, your Destination should be set to "Begins with" [your EventNut event URL]/registration-success/


Your Goal is now set up and Google Analytics will start tracking completed Goals as soon as your event is published. You can view Goal reports in GA under Reporting -> Conversions -> Goals. If you'd like to also use the Google Analytics funnel feature, continue on to the next section.  

 Setting Up a Funnel for Your Goal

Funnels in GA allow you to see the steps taken towards your goal and where your visitors might be dropping off before completing a goal.

In this example, we're going to set  up a Funnel that shows the steps taken to purchase a ticket. You can adapt these steps to create your own Funnels as well.


1. When setting up your Goal, under Goal details, turn the Funnel feature on.


2. Add a name and the URL for each step of the process you want to track. For our example we're going to add the steps someone would take before completing their purchase:

  • Clicks Buy or Register on Event Site

  • Enters Personal Info and Clicks Buy

*Note that if you want to follow this example, you would replace the example event URLs highlighted in yellow above with your OWN EventNut event URL.**

Click Save.


You've now created a Funnel for your Goal. You can view Funnel reports in GA under Reporting -> Conversions -> Goals -> Funnel Visualization.

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