How do I add custom registration fields to my event?

Custom Registration Fields allow you to ask for information from your attendees, beyond the required Name and Email Address fields. You can create custom text or dropdown questions in a couple easy steps:

1. From the Event Editor, click Edit -> Registration Fields


2. Click the Add Field button and then choose to add a Text or Dropdown field. Text fields allow your respondents to enter free-text and dropdowns give them specific options to choose from.

3. Add Text for your Field Name (i.e. what you're asking) and choose whether or not to make the field required for everyone.

For Text Fields, you can also choose to allow any text or restrict the answer format to a number, email, or phone number (US only) format.

For Dropdown Fields, you will also need to enter the choices that appear in the dropdown. Selecting the circle button next to a dropdown option makes that option the default answer for all attendees.


4. Click Save and your Registration Form is ready to go!

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