How do I publish my event?

Publishing your event is important to it’s success so we have made it easy for you by providing you with several locations where you can make this final step and put your event site out there.

You can click any of the following “Publish” links and buttons to launch and publish your website. We do suggest that before you publish your event you take a look at the website preview, and double check that you have set up some tickets for your attendees to register for. 

From your "My Events" list

From the EventNut dashboard

Finally, directly from the website builder


Once you click the "Publish Event" button you will be prompted to select a subdomain for your event. The subdomain is how your attendees will get to your event page. The URL ( location of your event on the web ) will be the subdomain you chose For example we chose "demo" as our subdomain, so our site can be found by going to 


Once you have chosen your subdomain click on "Confirm & Publish" and your event site is live! You will be given the option to share your site on social media and the ability to quickly copy your site link for later. 

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